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Seth Price

Managing Partner of Price Benowitz

An accomplished attorney and transformational leader, Seth Price is a founding partner and the business backbone of Price Benowitz LLP. Mr. Price links authoritative insights in law and business to strategic growth planning, resulting in the acquisition of highly talented and driven attorneys who are committed to the firm’s client-centered philosophy and providing the best possible customer service.

As the Managing Partner of Price Benowitz, Mr. Price oversees a team of 30 attorneys at his full-service practice, which has offices in Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia and New York. across various practice areas. Price Benowitz is a well-respected law firm with notable acclaim in criminal defense, personal injury, and medical malpractice.

Mr. Price is experienced in international legal marketing. After helping to launch in 1998, he went on to become known as one of the thought leaders in applying 21st Century business development and marketing to law firms.  He has been a frequent lecturer and moderator at some of the largest and most influential law conferences in the United States, speaking on the new tools and strategies law firms can use to align their business development with changing consumer habits.

Mr. Price is also the founder and CEO of BluShark Digital, LLC, a marketing agency that provides digital marketing solutions to law firms.  BluShark Digital helps law firms build a healthy web presence with a multi-pronged strategy tailored to the size and needs of the firm.