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Luke Russell

Founder of Russell Media

Facebook advertising is what Luke W Russell knows best. As founder of Russell Media, he leads a team that serves lawyers and doctors across the nation, providing a unique insight into individuals’ medical experiences. Luke’s team builds well-rounded marketing campaigns.

His former position as Director of Marketing for a national law firm gave him an insider’s view to legal marketing and the chance to deal with a wide array of vendors. That experience in turn taught him what law firms need from vendors. He learned to cut through the noise of vendor hype and excitement about the number of leads they can generate, rather than leads that affect the bottom line. Luke noticed it was a common disconnect between vendor and business owner.

Today Luke’s team promotes a variety of practice areas for law firms. What makes his team special is not just their focus on Facebook advertising, but their dedication to cultivating a lead source out of Facebook. His team knows that law firms require a steady flow of quality leads.

Many lawyers have dabbled in Facebook advertising, but few have profited. Luke often hears, “I tried Facebook advertising and it didn’t work for us.” In fact, Luke and his team have come to expect initial skepticism from the marketing teams of law firms that end up hiring his agency.

“The skepticism used to be startling,” says Luke. “But the fact is, many people have the wrong impression of Facebook. They think it’s just a place for cute videos.” In a recent publication, he showed how the 2016 election is a quick and obvious example of how social media users’ interest goes beyond videos of cute kittens and kids.

But it’s not all sunshine and roses, Luke says. “Some campaigns get off to an amazing start. In fact, I’ve seen campaigns generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential business in a few weeks and then drop off. We’ve had a couple campaigns we were never able to get off the ground. The important part is that we were able to see the indicators of when to stop.”

Luke travels the country teaching on social media advertising, drawing heavily on his team’s Facebook experience. One of his main points is that advertising on social media platforms demands a problem-solving mindset.

Like any complex math problem, when you get the answer wrong, you must start checking the basic variables and move to the more complex ones, methodically identifying potential shortfalls and how to correct them. Luke teaches that advertising should be approached as a math or science problem – isolate variables and look for solutions.

“Once you see advertising as a complex problem with an underlying equation, you can approach it intelligently and make decisions that can lead to significantly greater results. It also enables you to investigate and evaluate whether something may work for you before you get too far in.”

Join Luke for his presentation on Facebook advertising to learn more about how your firm can utilize Facebook and similar platforms. He’ll tell you straight up about successes and failures he’s had, and leave you with practical steps to take back to your marketing team.